See this muscular cute man by the name of Junior Baiano from El Salvador, but hangs out in Brazil uncensored at See Junior Uncensored at

The Ukrainian Boy Group, Kazaky, is not your average boy band. They are daring and mashing Masculine and Feminine looks together. This video was re-edited by Manzzle believed Kazaky's "Dance and Change" would sound better on this video than their "Love" song.

His name is Hyam and he is one of those fitness men you easily get motivated from looking at this instagram to workout.
It so happens that his full frontal pictures are now available to admire.
Link to that blog post:

Don't you just hate when youtube removes a video like this? What's wrong with a dude wearing shorts shirtless in public? Any way, this sexy dudes name is Rafael Leonidas as he's roaming the streets of New York shirtless in white semi sheer shorts. Clearly he's wearing boxer briefs under neath.

You know him as BorrellJr on instagram. View the uncensored video and images at:

This young Dominican, Perdo Borrell Jr (BorrelJr) is a big tease for all these young ladies in New York. He has a small muscular body and does workout quite often. You can see him at some bars around the upper parts of Manhattan as a go go dancer (stripper) such as Castro Bar.


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